Sunday, June 24, 2012

playing catch up: cinelli FRS?

(via pristine)
let's be frank here, cinelli has been notorious for trying to keep up with the fixed gear trends. sometimes it hurts them like the gazzetta, mystic rats, and questionably hip parts- nothing wrong with that, it just seemed like they were trying too hard with the "flavor of the day" trend. sometimes, it works out beautifully- there's a reason why the mashinelli, (upcoming) laser, and vigorelli are highly regarded. up above you see their next addition to their parts line- the "kink" FRS. before i rip them to shred with my words, let it be know that i like them. a lot. the materials are great, the design is gnarly (especially the use of the "c" logo), and someone did their homework with the angled bottom straps. that being said, look for it to deteriorate 5 times faster than it's competition, and cost 10 times more than it's competition. plus, this thing is 3-4 years late.


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