Monday, June 25, 2012

meanwhile in san jose: matt montoya for halloway.

Halloway x Montoya from Matthew Montoya on Vimeo.
goddamn i'm so happy i'm in san jose- i know where every single one of these spots are! there's no denying that matt montoya is a killer when it comes to that flatland style- but don't get it twisted, that's not all he does.  he can take that and integrate it into bigger and nuttier (yeah, that's a word) lines. first off- people should know that :24 was pretty dangerous. jumping into capitol expressway is dangerous. that hang 5 line is crazy because those grind stops are NO JOKE. rail hop to wheelie right after- looks small, it's actually extremely daunting.

support halloway. support skylmt. support iminusd. hell yeah, matt.


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Mctopherganesh said...

This is super sick man. Keep up the riding.