Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BHSK's Fiesta Del Suck Part Deux.

BHSK's Fiesta Del Suck Part Deux from Jereme Mika'ele Sanchez on Vimeo.
i post a lot about FGFS because i love FGFS. does that mean i'm good at it? absolutely not. over this past week i've been going to my old high school and messing around with these plastic benches they have.i really wanted to see how i looked riding so i mcgyvered a trashcan to work as an ipod camera tripod thing. well, you know that feeling where you think something looks crazy cool, but in reality... it's kinda lame? here you go. viva la fiesta, bro.



Snow said...

I'm a big supporter of pedal slides..good shit Jereme.

gp said...

ditto. keep it fun!