Thursday, May 17, 2012

this doesn't look sketch at all: NL archetects bicycle club

(via design boom)
i dont know how i found this, but it's sort of relevant to a point so yeah.

"'bicycle club' is a pavilion dedicated to bicycling in hainan, china designed by amsterdam-based NL architects. a rooftop cycling arena is supported by a glass-enclosed cafe at ground level. the oval-footprint structure's protruding canopy is essential due to the tropical climate, shading the perimeter seating. the elegant upward curvature of the eaves evokes the form of the traditional and functional pagoda."

that's cool but i have some issues- first off, let's be honest and say it. the thing looks like a pringle. then there's the whole thing about the safety up above. the fence looks high but a lifted velodrome comes with the territory. thirdly, it's not spectator friendly. then there's the whole thing about when it rains. the cafe would get flooded. i can go on and on...

looks cool though.


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