Saturday, May 19, 2012

some answers: who i am, and a mission statement.

i've been running this blog for almost four years now and i'm at a point in my life to share who i am to my readers. a while back i posed this photo of who i claimed to be a random dude. this is actually me.

my name is jereme mika'ele if you haven't figured it out- i go by "jmik" online, or "jer" in real life. i'm a chico state graduate with a BA in psychology, that found fixed gear cycling and turned it into a hobby in the form of media coverage and blogging. i don't consider myself a rider, i'm an enthusiast. i intend to provide a different perspective of the fixed gear realm and i pride myself on being honest. i'm not a photographer, just a guy with a camera. i'm not a professional blogger, i'm just a guy with an aging laptop. i'm not paid to blog, i'm not paid to cover events; i only have friends and family who support what i do.

as overbearing as this sounds, i'm not ending the blog. i just wanted to let everyone know who i am since i'm pretty sure i'm shrouded in a strange mystical haze. i've put my image away from the website and i think it's time that you should know who i am.

i want to say thanks for all your support and keep reading.



no one cares said...

OMG I've been losing so much sleep over this, thank you for revealing yourself!

Snow said...

^ go away.

Keep up the good work jereme!

Finn E Zygowski said...

 i second that!