Monday, May 28, 2012

650c kind of bothers me: tokyobike london artist series

(via selectism)
tokyobike (no relation to UK's tokyo fixed, i believe.... i hope) has recenly made a move into london. originally based in japan, tokyobike has opened up stores in europe in hopes to infiltrate the commuting scene. their niche that sets them apart is the use of 650c wheels. to commemorate their london shop opening they've collabo-ed with some london artists on bikes. as an opinionated person, there are hits and misses with this. first they have a white on white on white singlespeed with the polka dots which is screaming i'm too hip bro- no bueno. but the one on the bottom is something i would ride- thing needs panniers and those hammered fenders! anyway, i just thought these were some interesting machines; check them out here.


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