Tuesday, April 10, 2012

putting two and two together: jap 360 and some tom mosher knowledge

this popped up on facebook when i woke up from a lengthy nap and also did a a pot from tom mosher's blog which has been gathering spiderwebs for quite some time. so i'm going to put two and two together and talk a little about it. when i saw this youtube vid, i lost my marbles, but then got to thinking about it- if jap 3's are possible, what's there to do but move closer to bmx? here's what mosher said:

" I’ve been pushing harder on my fixed gear specific tricks. I am losing passion for the fixed bmx style shit, THEY ALREADY DID THOSE TRICKS! y’know?? Also I am putting more emphasis on bothsidedness... when I got to these bike tricks I got lazy and just did everything one direction. Now I am being more thorough in practicing both sides of any trick, and in the case of 180′s I am also drilling all four variations. (strong direction/strong foot, strong direction/weak foot, weak direction/strong foot, weak direction/weak foot)"

first off, it's nice to hear from tom when he's not busy with ynot stuff. i put in bold something that caught my eye and i take that stance too- there's a lot of riders out there who dont use the fixed gear aspect of FGFS to it's fullest potential and simply do toward moving ticks or stuff that's BMX emulating. let's spark up a conversation- what do you think?



Nick Koo said...

All about the drivetrain. Don't make it the weakness. It's our strength over BMX

Tom Mosher said...

Thanks for sharing some of my thoughts!  I feel like the past year has been FGFS trying to prove to BMX that we can copy a lot of their moves but in many ways that is killing our creativity.  Their is a lot of unique shit we can do and I think that is all worth exploring.

Glad their is discussion happening! 

Nick Koo said...

Definitely Tom. Wait till you see what East Bay California is doing. My boy Snow is about to drop his edit and it's all about creativity. Same with mine. My edit should drop soon after Snow's and I'm trying to use the drivetrain and the architecture as fixed-specific as I can

Snow said...

 I could not agree more. while i'm not totally opposed to the whole fixed as bmx movement..its just sad that there seems to be almost no creativity in doing so. straight forward park/grid edits are NOT the future of fgfs. Progression comes from the streets. I believe that there are tricks that can really highlight the drive train and many that have not been done that are ONLY possible with a fixed drive train (i just filmed one). Luckily there are a hand full of riders who are not just going with the trends and exemplify the future.

bhsk said...

at first the integration of BMX tricks "greyed out" the tricks done on FGFS, but now i'm seeing a definite rift- you can definitely see a group of riders pushing for more bmx, and a group of riders fully utilizing the fixed drivetrain. what i want to see more in edits is technical value- yeah dropping off a huge roof is cool but what impresses me is when someone utilizes that fixed cog to it's fullest potential. even if it's sloppy.

Snow said...

haha then you'll love what Nick and I are coming with. utilizes to the fullest...but definately not sloppy haha. we are also hoping to throw some quick clips out for the ttv creative trick deal for fun.

gp said...

the real limitation is not truly recognizing what you have and playing off that strength. a fixed drivetrain is a blank canvas (not to sound cliche) and its seriously exciting. the majority of people i feel approach this scenes progression very incorrectly. play off that difference (drivetrain) and use it to your advantage.

shit is about to change in a major way. i can't wait for people to see that their are way doper alternatives to the "norm".