Saturday, April 14, 2012

a little rant: red bull ride n style list released

(via fixed freestyle)
looks like fixed freestyle got a hold of the riders list in terms of FGFS:

"Alex Blanco, Anthony Combs, Antonyo Wothe, Christian Hamrick, Corey San Agustin, Devon Lawson, Ed “Wonka” Laforte, Elliott Millner, Gus Molina, Hiro Nakajima, Jakob Santos, Jamil Gray, Jeff Dempler, Joe McKeag, Jonathan Davis, Jonah Kessel, Josh Boothby, Justin “Congo” Mitchell, Kenny Arimoto, Marco, Matt Montoya, Matt Reyes, Matt Spencer, Michael Chacon, Mike Schmitt, Miles Mathia, Nick Ramirez, Oscar Kahn, Simon “Gomok” Andraca, Steven Jensen, and Tyler Johnson"

now, i have no issue with any of these riders on this list but what i do have an issue with is the fact that the majority of these riders are either so cal or san jose california based and sponsored for the most part. there have been a good amount of people coming up from other places since the last ride n style and this lineup doesn't look like it took that into consideration. i don't disagree with the list, just thought it would be more expanded. other than that, i'm still going to be there and i'm hyped on the minidrome. anyone else want to chime in on the list?



Rick Anderson said...

tom lamarche? torey thornton? sam hanson? collin foster? chris clappe? jacob ruff? im all for the sport expanding but fuck corporations cashing in on this shit. 

bhsk said...

there's also danimal, phil williams, phil arrelano, taylor dwight, alex nunez, sean coats, mikey dinh, everyone off of FOAD- there's a ton of people who got overlooked. again, i have no issue with the risers on the list but  just becuase the other guys arent on the blog circuit 24/7, doesn't mean they're not good enough to be in the game. 

Jacob Martin said...

Fuck over hyped comps, especially the elitest ones like this. I'm sure it will be tight, but fuck the exclusivity. I'd rather see them do multiple events to get a qualifying final round. 

bhsk said...

again, i have no problem with the list as it stands- i want to see gomok in action and oscar khan is AMAZING to see ride in person. i think there's a lot more riders that can bring something different. i would've like to see redbull start small with regional comps and bring it up to the national level at this comp. i'm not sure something like that will ever happen, but still.. this list needs to be expanded a little bit.

Nick Koo said...


Zack872 said...

Josh Booty!