Saturday, April 7, 2012

hit me three times: CSK ALL DAY

over these past few days CSK has been making a really intense presence on the interwebs, so since i have a few stacked in my browser i thought i would mash it into a single post.

2 for 2 Tuesday from last Saturday from CSK on Vimeo.
first up we have chris clappe showing everyone that you dont need a park to shred, just some random obsticles and a manny pad. that last line was super threaded! whaddaboss!

Tyler Johnson: Putting It In To Practice from CSK on Vimeo.
then we have skylmt's tyler johnson with a one liner, and i can see the look on your face- one liners are way too quick in my opinion, but tyler is known to make things that are watched over and over so this works out!  crank arm slide, 180 bar, halfcab bar. yeah buddy!

last but not least, we have wolfdrawn AKA matt spencer. dude's style has always been sick and he fits perfectly into the CSK. that first gap was super long, not to mention the other lines show how much bike control the dude has. really dug the ghetto park nose to x up.



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