Saturday, March 31, 2012

american made: hold fast frames

(via holdfast)
i think a good handful of people remember that hold fast was making a frame. to be honest, the last time i heard about this endeavor was christina panteliodis' prototype dual 24" shown here from august of last year. apparently these will be made in 24", 26" and 29er form and will also be made right her in the you-nigh-ted states. they claim that it's going to be hella light as well, and it looks like they're producing forks too- an american made fork made for FGFS hasn't really been done yet (well i'm sure there has been, but it hasn't been well documented) so that will be plenty interesting.



Rob said...

All correct, we've been dialing in this project for a minute. We are stoked on these new frames and are proud that they are finally ready (and made in the USA).  Steep head tube angle, negative bb across the board, no gussets necessary 'cuz it's made with bomber steel.  These frames are the next evolution of FGFS, and the 24" is a game changer (it's like a gateway drug - serious).  Many thanks to jmik for the shout out. 

bhsk said...

hyped on it! sam hanson's 29er setup looks ill, so i'm expecting the other two frames to look just as sick!