Thursday, February 23, 2012

not council of doom: sMc classic trailers

sMc Classic Trailer from Christian Meldrum on Vimeo.

CLASSIC: by sMc from JBall on Vimeo.
a while back the sMc crew showed up with this concept of bring it back a little bit, and thus the "classic" series was born. they showed up with the first trailer which, if you know what's up, has that one song from the council of doom trailer. looks like they're working on gathering some more footy, and the second video you see is christiam meldrum messing around with the "tarck" tricks at night. i want this to be hectic and crazy when it's all put together!



Xjohnathan3 said...

It was actually Christian's idea to make the video. He will be mashing in the video, Johnathan Ball was the one doing the tricks. Just wanted to clear that. Thanks for the post!

bhsk said...

im hyped that you guys are bringing that old school stuff back!