Monday, February 27, 2012

feb-review-ary: zontrac FGFS straps

when i heard of zontrac, i immediately was drawn to them. their image is wild and well, if i were to do stuff like this, it would end up looking like zontrac's designs anyway. their team mad strong and recently grew by one with the addition of the san jose homie devon lawson- they're doing some heavy stuff. a couple weeks ago they sent over a care package to me which had these straps so i slapped them on and went straight to work. get the rundown after the jump!

let's get the specs down; these straps are constructed of double layered polymid (nylon) webbing, YKK velcro, and extra strong thread (whatever that means). these are built like a "snake biting it's tail"; the 2 pieces conjoined at the loop allow for easy adjustment and such. they're also made in germany, a country which i have an odd obsession for (but i digress).

now for my input- these things are hella thick. the last straps i had were holdfasts, and these things have considerably more girth than my predecessors. that being said, this makes them 1) stiff and 2) look menacing. it did take a while to get used to the stiffness but when i got them dialed in, they had crazy hold. the extra long upper strap allows for really good adjustment for any size sneaker. because i'm a small dude i lean over my bike to jump on, and my left strap should be taking a beating... but beneath the mud you see there, the material isn't fraying which should be a testament to how burly the material is. in conclusion, they're stiff, they'll hold your feet down to the pedals, they're tough, they're good enough for the hard hitting zontrac team, and they look rad. you can get them over here.

thanks jason and felix and everyone at zontrac for sending these from afar!


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