Saturday, February 18, 2012

2 by 2: skylmt doing it with tyler and steven

prototype everything edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.
what a treat, we have two visuals by 2 of the most talented dudes from the skylmt camp. first up we have steven jensen who's got that jay z state of mind, but instead of "all black everything", it's all "prototype everything". we're talking about stem, bars, frame, and rims. the guy could be riding a bigwheel for all i care, he's got bike control for days and his grind game is on point.

Tyler Johnson SKYLMT BSIDES from Tyler Johnson on Vimeo.
then here we have our friend tyler with the "b sides" of his huge skylmt joint. just because this one doesnt have any music, doesnt mean that it's not exciting at all- t. johnson has that sort of effect. some bails, some bowl cruising, some heavy hits, some tech. that rail to the nuts hurt me a little, and that last one really got me on edge.

skylmt is on point right now.


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