Wednesday, January 11, 2012

tebow prays to based god: kvlt klips volume 9

yup it's that time again for another installment of KVLT KLIPS by wolfdrawn. usual suspects of antonyo, matt, congo, corey and joe... oh and lil b the based god (of course). what i really love about the kvlt klips series is that it shows the crew either riding new stuff, or maximizing the potential of spots we've seen before. by the way, I KNOW WHERE :47 IS! it's the sketchiest place at night. corey's tuck no to wheelie baffles me, congo's doublepeg to wheelie and almost 180 was impressive, matt's got some crazy wheelie and bike control going on, antonyo's got some really good flat work in this, and joe is joe- his stuff is always good.

make sure you keep up with matt and corey while they visit austin, tx at john's joint too- here's the first day, here's the second. dont miss the shots over there.


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