Wednesday, January 4, 2012

pepe back: felipe motta leftovers

LEFTOVERS from filipe motta on Vimeo.
felipe aka "pepe" (pronouced "pay-pay") is a really good homie of mine that kinda lost interest in fixed freestyle after summer and started riding bmx. his last fixed edit under gnarcotix was really impressive since he's got this really exaggerated style that looks simple but shouldnt be duplicated because it's crazy. his barspins are really followed through,and if you've seen him nose pivot, he really throws that back end up. he recently got back  on a fixed setup, and here he is with some of his bmx buds. he's dumb talented and i'm psyched to see him on a fixed drivetrain again.


1 comment:

Filipemotta said...

thank you for the post!! and the kind words.
i cant wait to finish my edit.