Tuesday, January 17, 2012

oh you know, just messing with a roof: derek and pepe

ToDaRoof from MoN on Vimeo.
holy shit, am i crazy or is the song is by underoath? i have some funny stories involving underoath fandom that eventually lead to meeting my girlfriend. anyway, looks like derek and my homie pepe have been putting in work. peep out the bike hop and roof sesh. it'ts no big deal, that bike is just on 700s and it's a roof gap. you know, no big deal hahaha! there's also another edit of pepe, but youll see that in a bit.



Tyler_cash said...

sure is buddy, thats the blue not from they're only chasing safety, god damn takes me back to when i was hella younger

Tyler_cash said...

note* lol