Monday, January 9, 2012

makes alot more sense now: agenda bmx featuring animal x 10 deep, cult x vans, SE x starter caps, shadow x rebel 8

(from top to bottom: animal x 10 deep, SE x starter, cult x vans, & shadow conspiracy x rebel8 via RIDE bmx)
i'm still have a little bit of fume of hate from that one off thing involving rebel8 and shadow- this kinda ignited that "bummer" flame. i found out that in addition to the rebel8 collabo, there were 3 other bikes- animal kept it ny with new york based 10 deep, SE went the "old school is coming back (but kinda corpo, yo)" vibe with starter, and cult kept it real with vans. okay, these are all awesome (not too sure about the SE thing, but i can manage)- the "what the fuck are you looking at" on the dt of the cult bike is funny as hell, i've always wondered how that print would look like on a bike with the animal setup, and shadow is my shit.

knowing that one of this collabo stuff will be out to be purchased makes me....


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