Monday, January 23, 2012

local somewhat: solid bmx in SLC pt II

Solid BMX in Salt Lake City: Part 2 from Anthony Hernandez on Vimeo.
we got mad love for solid bmx because they keep it local- they're pretty much a one hour drive from where BHSK HQ is located at. this one not only has Wolfman from stranger bikes, it's got Kevin Malia, Stephen Perjanik, Nick Hammer, Tanner Easterla, Tristan Adams, and Jase Knack ripping salt lake city, utah which has quickly become a focus here i guess because of our homies at FOAD. is it just me or does SLC have hella spots? yeah... it's around 11 and a half minutes long, so it will take some of your time but if you're down with some bmx you'll be with this one.


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