Wednesday, January 25, 2012

big wheel homie: nick koo wheelie

(via matt rice)
slept on this one or lost the link- it just didnt get up in a timely manner. i really have to give it up to matt rice at deal with it because it's really easy to forget that the bay area is not just san jose. this is my friend nick and this was shot in oakland. he's a believer in 700c/29", and one of the dudes that has the philosophy of being well rounded in terms of utilizing the fixed gear drivetrain the it's fullest potential.

he's also hella ballsy when it comes to doing some hardcore things like wheeliing down some stairs. keep track of my east bay friends at matt rice's joint!



Snow said...

The edit Nick is working on is dope!

bhsk said...

i seriously need to get back to the bay area man...

Snow said...

Ya, Come down and ride with us in Oakland and see what we are up to