Sunday, December 25, 2011

wait your turn: tyler johnson for skylmt

Tyler Johnson from SKYLMT™ on Vimeo.
this one took the internet by storm, and since it was a john prolly exxxclusive i couldnt touch it. that still didnt stop others from posting a void embed code! now that i can actually embed it, let me freak out. HOLY SHIT THIS IS THE BEST THING IVE SEEN IN A LONG ASS TIME. people waited for this to drop, and it didnt disappoint- goddamn! crank arm slides, huge bars, some 3's  long ass nose mannys, bar to wheelie that i replayed over and over and over and over, manny gap bar, and many 180s for days. if this doesnt get you hyped on SKYLMT, i dont know what will. watch it. then watch it again. then watch it once more. then watch it backwards. dont miss it.


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