Wednesday, December 7, 2011

showing some polo love: eighthinch pro polo mallets

(via eighthinch)
not going to lie, i got sucked into polo lately. eighthinch hooked it up with some mallets at bike expo and though i know i suck really hard, i found it to be ridiculously fun. today they released their newest addition to their polo stuff- the pro model polo mallet. here's what they had to say about the differences from the standard mallet:

"First off we got rid of the excess material to get the weight down to 80g. We also got rid of the center cup and replaced it with a large cutout. The overall width has narrowed to 130mm with markers to cut it to 125 or 120mm. The inner and outer diameters remain the same at 60mm and 50mm. The recessed screwholes have been moved to the side to minimize wear and still work with our EighthInch caps. The center sleeve is compatible with our 19mm polo shaft. Made from Nylon 6/6 these mallets hold up great and are covered by our Lifetime Replacement Plan if they ever wear out."

check it out here!


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