Wednesday, December 28, 2011

lean back, swing arm and let it roll out: pure fix cycles

Pure Fix Cycles - A Day in LA from Pure Fix Cycles on Vimeo.
today i got an email from mike at pure fix cycles about a little video their crew messing around los angeles. if you didnt know, pure fix is a company based in burbank that sells basic fixed gear bikes in every goddamn color combination ever. now, you already know me- i'll tell you to build it yourself and spend the extra cash to get something heavy duty. you also know that i'm not one to support any company that intentionally says fixie (UGH gross) because of the implication of it being more of a toy than a vehicle. i know this is starting to sound pretty negative, however, i like to support anything that gets kids on bikes as well as anyone who has the balls to email me (by the way, i love getting emails). if youre just starting out, i think these guys offer a pretty good starting point at $325 for a complete. looks like their upgraded parts come from my friends at fyxation too. check them out.


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