Friday, December 23, 2011

hella big roof drop: swoo's bike check

Spike Parts bike check December 2011. from swoo on Vimeo.
swoo's been everywhere this past week. after that bail vid, i was straight up wondering what the hell he was going for in certain spots and now we get that answer. looks like he switched up some stuff on his setup, and it's coming out great for him since he's hitting some pretty slick lines. i'm a fan of stuff that i think i can do so that line at 1:18 got me hyped. but then again i'm a sucker for stuff that i probably could never do, so that whole first line at that rock place was sick. oh and that roof drop was NUTS hahaha! keep up with swoo at constant revolution!



Snow said...

Dope! I really liked the tire slide to nose over and the tire slide to whipskid. Seems like all people
are putting out these days are park edits jammed packed with grind after grind after grind.

refreshing for sure, as as always from swoo.

bhsk said...

yeah, i feel where that's coming too. swoo is pretty fresh when it comes to keeping the variety going!