Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ed shred: wonka for chrome

Ed Wonka x Chrome Riverton from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.
if you've been following ed's stuff, you may have seen a screen shot of him at this spot. it's a pretty short one, but damn does it work. some slams, some double takes, but all killer. i know that there are a handful of people who cant stand "just a barspin" (or front tire kickflip TTV would say) but when they're executed as such, you can deny it was damn good. check out the chrome riverton too- i mean this is what this one was about right?



Thieth Giver said...

haha epic man/// evangilizing the front tire kickflip. you fuckin funny.

bhsk said...

when i first read that shit i though ed was gonna kick his front wheel in mid air!