Friday, December 16, 2011

biased god: mission workshop's world of rucksacks

(via mission workshop)
people know that i'm very biased towards mission workshop. i've had my shed for over a year and well... i'm really attached to it- so much so that it's borderline scary. mission workshop is top notch in terms of quality and design and i love seeing new stuff from them. first up we have these limited edition sanction (small sized) rucksacks composed of waxed canvas. i'm a nerd for fancy materials, and waxed canvas gets me drooling.

(via mission workshop)
then we move to the bigger rucksack in the family- the fitzroy. this one goes under the advanced projects folder, slapping a VX in front of the fitzroy's name. that's nerd-bag-talk for "this thing is made with vx cordura and is ultra waterproof." also, let's not forget about that trick "arkiv" modular system (i still dont know what that means).

now if they made a waxed canvas shed that utilizes "arkiv" tech. YOU HEAR ME MISSION WORKSHOP?


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