Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SALES SAILS SAY'LLS: eighthinch, iminusd, kulturelab

(via eighthinch)

(via imd)

(via klab fb)
i'll be on an RV riding down to disneyland on friday, so i probably wont be partaking in the economic festivities, but you probably can. our homies at eighthinch are knocking off 20% off parts and some other stuff. our other homies at iminusd are docking of 40% off everything in the store (which bums me out since i wont be around) as well as some swag bags for those who weather the storm. oh and the pfix will be docked down for ONE DAY ONLY (INTENSE, DUDE). and i'm not sure what our homies at klab are going to do, but i'm pretty sure youre going to be saving a bunch on these made in the USA sprockets.


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