Sunday, October 2, 2011

win some lose some: keep em spinnin

KEEP EM SPINNIN at Cunningham Skatepark from GRIME BIKES on Vimeo.
so i was supposed to go to this but i ended up bed ridden due to a massive headache as well as some involuntary vomiting. i honestly didnt really recover until a few hours ago. I MISSED A LOT. if you didnt realize it, mikey schmitt came down from ny, and everyone from long beach decided to come up. damn even my aunt tammie showed. CCP is tomorrow and i'm pretty much geared to go at this point over my sickness- i'm going to try to stay out there taking photos for a while. mind you, i have a 3 hour drive back home to take into account since the event kept getting pushed back.



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Tavmmie Santos said...

I missed you yesterday nephew. I will see you today tho. I hope you're feeling better! Aunties bringing you some gatorade!