Monday, October 10, 2011

whaTT up TTv: unknown x TTv

(via TTv)
kinda got too excited during water marking and messed with the computer's clip board, so i'm going to take a break and talk about what unknown bikes and TTv have in store for you- quite literally. but first, unknown and TTv are holding a competition with a pretty sweet prize and i know some people are going to break themselves going at it. rules? the trick is a truck driver. more than 3 steps. due to many concerns of people breaking themselves too hard, the steps contingency has been removed- it's gotta be flat to flat, no flyouts, no ramps.... less than 30 seconds (quick clip! duh!). go hard. winner gets an unknown v2 and your choice of any of the mythical TTv shirts. speaking of TTv shirts....

now available at the unknown bike store is the collaboration shirt that we saw earlier this week, my favorite "manson" shirt, and the "#TTigerblood" shirt.



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