Tuesday, October 18, 2011

stuff that intrigues me: FGFS frame geometry comparison

(via cyclecircle through TTv)
people who know me know that i'm hugely interested in geometries and what effects they have on handling and feel. now this little picuture is interesting because you get to see how different each frame (affinity cyclone, leader mordecai, BB17 charmer 700c, specialized pfix, BB17 charmer 26", grime G.O.A.T, and unknown v2) is. i've ridden the mordecai, the cyclone, the charmer 700c, and the unknown and they're all so different because of unique frame attributes. unfortunately i'm not sure if this can tell anyone alot- the cyclone, mordecai, and charmer do indeed have bb drop and therefore have the longest chainstays hand furthest set seatpost.

i think the comparison should take into account the BB drop and correct angle at which the frame will stand with wheels. still pretty cool to think someone actually took the time to do this. i'd blabber on but i would bore you.


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