Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the sound of tires: ninjacats... HOOOOO

meow meow from Ninja Cats on Vimeo.
this is full of weird. but there's nothing that's too weird to be awesome for the dudes repping ninjacats. this one is full of fence hopping, antoine dodson-ing, the wbase dudes partying , super barspin stalling,  BIG BOSS SHIT-ing, wall smacking, wheel clapping fun.  and some dude who thinks his name is skrillex but we all know he's sonny moore of from first to last.

yeah, i pulled one of those things that kind of shows my age.



Gizmo said...

Hahaha I feel you on that.

bhsk said...

the skrillex thing? =P

Gizmo said...

Yea this is goin to be hilarious: