Monday, September 19, 2011

point of interest: fyxation steely HT bars & new pedal straps

i didnt go to interbike but i saw this sucker hanging up at the fyxation booth and i knew i was going to hit them up for more info on these. with a ton of people moving over to BMX stems that utilize a 22.2 clamp diameter, bars are kind of few and far between for FGFS riders. enter the steely HT bars- they have a 3 inch rise, are 29" wide (thats around two and a half feet), have a 2 degree upsweep and 9 degree backsweep. heat treated and ready to go you should see this thing hit in the upcoming months.

also, fyxation is coming out with their own pedal strap. with a ton of other competitors out there, and believe me there are way too many to count, this one looks like a real contender. because it's from fyxation we alreay know it's going to be a workhorse and will take a beating without beating the crap out of your wallet. it will be about $43.95 or $59.95 with the gates pedal and available now in black and white only. jmik

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