Tuesday, September 20, 2011

honesty is a lonely word: 2012 charge scissor

(via charge)
lets be honest here, i've been really psyched to see the charge scissor 2 release. but since they announced the second coming, countless bike companies have emerged and kind of took over that sector of fixed freestyle. today there are certain things people look for in a fgfs bike and though some of it is seen on this bike, there's quite a bit that just is not there for the once favored scissor. i like it, others might not, and i'll tell you why...

lets go through the things i like: this thing is made out of tange prestige all around and the fork is made out of tange infinity. this means the frame is light for a heavy duty frame, and the fork looks like it's long enough to accomodate a great ride. it has clearance for 29 x "wow this is stupid" which is something i love.

but personally i think the head tube is sloped to a point that though it looks unique, it mimics a dirt jumper and calls for a longer seatpost which narrows down your seatpost options. and lets get it out of the way- people won't like the fact that there is bottom bracket drop. i can care less because some of the best riders out there have bikes with BB drop; but you cant deny that it's what people are looking for today. lastly, the thing is a complete and i think that will hinder it in the long run. most people want just the frame and fork and dont get me wrong; most of these components are great sans drivetrain, but from what i see the majority of people in fgfs already have parts lined up.

i know i sound kind of of harsh. i really like the charge scissor- i do. i've been a fan of the scissor since the beginning and i really dig how it looks and i'm sure it handles amazingly. i just want to point out what alot of people are thinking before they smear it to pieces.


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