Saturday, September 24, 2011

hit the bars: LDG new bars

(via LDG)
damn livery design gruppe is on a roll. now we're seeing everything that came out of interbike releases and two things i was hyped for were these two bars: the jakob santos 747 signatures, and the double gusset bars. the 747's feature a 95mm (around 4") rise, 9 deg upsweep and 6 degree backsweep. uncut, they're around 2.5 feet long (hence, 747mm) and they utilize a 25.4 clamp (22.2 is coming soon). the other bars are the 4 piece, double gusset bars which really matches the whole look of LDG's lineup. they're a little but shorter than the 747's at 725mm, and use an 8 degree upsweep instead of 9. again the 22.2 version will come a bit later.

there's also a bunch of other stuff that dropped like the headsets and small parts, you can check the rest out here.


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