Monday, September 12, 2011

hey, yo: nem-pro sluggo

(via zlog)
nem-pro is no new name to the fixed freestyle world and their newest creation is this, the sluggo. i got to see one up close and it looks pretty solid.

"Featuring : 
-Sluggo quad butted custom drawn tapered toptube *NemPro proprietary part 
-Custom tapered single butted ( NemTek ) and double butted ( Sluggo-therm ) seatstays *NemPro proprietary tubes 
-Internal seattube gusset to strengthen frame @ seattube / seatstay area for 360’s , nose pivots and other aggressive FGFS tricks *NemPro proprietary part 
-Open 14mm or fully closed 14mm dropout options . *NemPro proprietary design 
-U shaped chainstay and Box gusset designed for 2.35″+ tire size . * NemPro proprietary design 
-Available in Full NemTek or Sluggo-therm. *NemPro proprietary materials 

 Sizes : 45cm / 50cm / 53cm Sluggo-therm $750 NemTek $650 

 Colors – raw , white , trans red"

i think the word proprietary was used a little much... not sure about those closed dropouts either...regardless of that, the box gusset looks burly as fuck..


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