Sunday, August 28, 2011

you didnt see nothing: chrome salvage pt II, cardiel

recently i took a trip to the chrome factory based here in chico, and though i forgot to bring my camera one of my friends had his decent camera phone on hand. first off i wanted to say thanks to the chico chrome fam for throwing that bbq and dan in particular for giving us a tour. on that tour we got to look at future offerings and how everything was made (someone please save me some chrome stuff from interbike...). anyway i got really close to 2 bags in particular, the second serving of the salvage series, and a brand new bag. see them both after the jump...

Photobucket what? you think i would really let you see these and ruin pretty much any chance of me going back to the chrome factory?!? i can tell you this, the salvage series will be limited by 200 pieces, and the lattter bag is signed by john cardiel. yeah that's about all i can tell you. and i still think that's too much.


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