Tuesday, August 16, 2011

why trackstands are important: wednesday night racing

i saw this on stryker la, and yes, even dudes with really fast bikes cannot trackstand. i watched this and its kinda like the feeling when i'm out driving my car or riding and see a kid on a fixed gear who cant trackstand at a light. come on now, it aint that hard just learn it!

on second thought, i probably wouldnt be able to trackstand with any of their ratios on a banked wall...



ridetheblackline said...

most riders can't trackstand with the front wheel tilted to the right.  it's more common to trackstand with the wheel angled left which is no bueno on the banking of the velodrome.

i'm goofy-footed.  i trackstand with my right foot forward and the front wheel pointing right so i can chill on the track all day long.  woot!

bhsk said...

this is good news for me- i trackstand to the right! i knew as i posted this someone who actually rides the drome would school me hahahaha!

thanks for reading bud.

Flatty said...

A while back I set a goal to get to work w/out putting my feet down. Now I can track stand both directions and it taught me to stop at traffic lights like a good citizen. Now if I can just get off my arse and hit the velodrome. 

Esteban said...

yeaa! my man brad won that event (:<