Friday, August 5, 2011

(just) one bar was given that day: matt reyes for sadio

Matt Reyes + SADIO from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.
i'm going to blow your mind. a few seconds into this, i thought to myself: "hey, he hasn't thrown a bar... i'm going to start this over and carefully watch if he actually does." not one bar. this is why slummy is the truth. not one bar, and at one point he was throwing around a lo pro and doing bigspins. also, this is proof that going up things is just as good as going down things if not, even better. AND, the west coast is awesome... primarily the bay area.

hell yeah slummy.

alright, i got caught. ONE BAR. but still. one bar- that's impressive knowing that a good amount of edits rely on big bars to round it out.

one bar. i fucked up.



Brad Parker said...

watch it ~@AGAIN!!!

Brad Parker said...

ur still trippin cuz barspins are the kickflip of bikes and that shit is fucking ~@DOPE!!! 

bhsk said...

im trippin because my ass cant do them and i wish i could =[

hahaha thanks for the tip off brad.

Colin Gonzo Cable said...

Feeble bar, so not your typical bar hop

M@ Reyes said...

Nose manny, Wheelie, Feelble bar. I'm not a big fan of barspins. & I'll only do em if it's linked w/ another trick. Other than that, I'm cool off em'

Brad Parker said...

ya its ~@easier!!!! hahhaa

Snow said...

its nice too see riders actually taking time to film quality edits. its also nice that it isnt just jammed full of hop bars and feebles.good stuff matt!