Saturday, August 20, 2011

the nah, the meh, and the yeh: SE 2012 fixed offerings

the 2012 lineup for SE has just hit the wesbite and i thought i would go over some of the stuff:

the fixed pk ripper has gone through some changes this time out, and though i'm a fan of the pk ripper BMX i'm not that much of a fan of the fixed ripper... it's the aluminum man, and the original pk was a race bike... the changes include a more compact geo, burlier gusset, and 5 inch bmx bars. also, they teamed up with LA's crooks & castles to create this version of the complete. still not sure about it.

the quadangle has been one of those frames that has me on the fence. this thing has an extremely low standover, retains the same angles as the UVT, and has that iconic quadangle shape. still, not sure how it effects the riding but i'm pretty sure it's a legit contender with 14mm dropouts and the newly revised landing gear.

the SE x UVT model comes back donning a red and white paintjob and 14mm dropouts. it's still one of those frames that you cant beat one of those frames people try to emulate in terms of feel. again, it comes with the revised landing gear that utilizes a 413 a to c, and now takes pegs.

you can check out the entire line up including the lifestyle bikes, bmx bikes, and fixed bikes on their website or this here catalog.


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