Tuesday, August 30, 2011

been with it for 2 years: BÖIKZMÖIND

BÖIKZMÖIND - A Fixed Gear Bike is... from BÖIKZMÖIND on Vimeo.
almost exactly 2 years ago i first posted about the BÖIKZMÖIND project; i've been really keeping up with the progress of gavin's project and the final product finally hit the streets not that long ago. to refresh your memory:

"BÖIKZMÖIND is a 30 minute documentary film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful Bristol. The film shows the diverse cross section of riders and asks why ride bikes with no gears in a city full of hills. It also shines a light on the community and camaraderie that comes with the simple joy of riding bicycles. This is an small excerpt from the finished film, which is now screening all over the world"

to find a screening head over here! i dont see a US screening yet, so ask demand for one!


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Gavin Strange said...

Thank you for blogging the new trailer guys, very much appreciated!

I'm in talks with a few people at the minute about screenings in LA, Portland, SLC, Orlando and beyond, keep your eyes on the site for more info!

Many thanks :)