Tuesday, July 26, 2011

weenie: L7 splined sprocket by S&M

(via S&M)
we're a little late on this because patrick and john already posted, but still i'll post it because i'm a HUGEEEE fan of S&M (not the shitty rihanna song that's a crime to play over any speaker). sure i love my tree lite, but everyone is running one. this kinda reminds me of the madera helm that i wish had more teeth. 3D CNC'd from quarter inch 7075 aluminum and has a 4130 heat treated insert. this one will be available in 25, 28 and 30t (YUP!), and will be available in black, gold, blue, or red.

i want one, and when i get one, i'm stripping the ano off and polishing it. because that would look awesome. see more pics of the sprocket here.


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