Tuesday, July 5, 2011

toe-key-OOOOHHH: two from tokyo fixed

(via TFD)
the foot down is on top of the tokyo fixed gear drops this week- first off we have the s2 track frame. at a little over $560 usd, it's a steal considering that it utilizes lugged constuction, used columbus thron tubing to cut weight, and unlike NJS alternatives... it can run bigger tires for street riding. honestly, i dont think there's another bike out there to compare this wi-

(via TFD)
WAAAAAOOOOOWWWW.... this is the tokyo fixed dream machine. again utilizing columbus thron, and lugs, what sets this apart is the geometry that hearkens back to those old grass track path racers. you cant really see it, but that's a double crowned fork. with mounts for everything, it's a commuter/mudbogger's ideal frame.

i want a bike with lugs....


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