Thursday, July 7, 2011

getting a little nerdy: bike jerks and a pair of MKE bruiser II's

(via bike jerks)
im a sucker for part selection and these two machines are primo examples. they belong to mark (of bikejerks) and tina- two MKE bruiser II's that aren't even out yet. profile drivetrain, and clipless pedals. thompson seatposts holding onto brooks saddles- a colt being one of them. what really takes the cake for me is the wheels. everyone loves a 29er, but not everyone hass the balls to lace a chukker to a phil wood. that's fucking radical as hell... if you can see me here, i'm clapping my hands because it's that awesome.

by the way, those forks arent bruiser s700 forks... i would know because i can barely fit a 45c in mine, and the canti brake holes are gone on that one... MKE's got some explaining to do!



John Watson said...

new bruiser forks. Fit a 2.5"

bhsk said...

They look mean as hell with them big tires.
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