Thursday, July 21, 2011

call 511: levi's commuter denim

so when i got back from summerfix i received and email that got lost in my inbox from a guy who reps for levis. today i dug it back up and was psyched to find this. first of all i'm a huge fan of 511s and already know their limitations as an every day pair of jeans. what levis did was take a fit that i love and make it more functional. now i hate stuff that's blatantly aimed towards cyclists, but this i can work with. a reinforced crotch area (prevents the dreaded blowout), an integrated u lock holster, some super water repellent fabric, 3m details, some stretchy stuff in the right places, and built in hygene lock (for scumbags like me) make for a ridiculously functional jean that keeps the same silhouette as it's namesake.

i guarantee this wont be the last time you hear about these suckers. ; ]


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