Wednesday, July 6, 2011

budget ballin: leader 721

(via leader)
when you cant afford overpriced tubing, you get a leader. if you couldnt afford the steel 722, you got the 735. if you cant afford the 735, you get the 725 mid. if you cant afford the 725 mid, then you get the previous 725. if you couldnt do any of this stuff, then you get the 721. it's inexpensive, but not cheap. makes for a great frame to build up and work from- i should know, i had one as a fast bike for a good month or two. shit weighed less than 18lbs... and that was mostly b43 weight!



Jacob Martin said...

I dig the whole no frills, clean simple look on the 721. Seems like it would be a good toss around fast bike.

bhsk said...

Its one of those bikes you can either put shit parts, or good parts, and it'll work. I kind of miss mine.
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