Wednesday, June 8, 2011

sac-toe: sacramento cyclefest bike show

(via fremontpark)
i dont remember how i stumbled upon this, but it seems very intriguing. last year, the chopaderos had a successful event, and i wouldnt be surprised if this is going to be a big one too.

"Following up on last years successful first event held at Fremont Park, the Chopaderos Bicycle Club is once again hosting another big Cylcefest event in the park. They'll be a bicycle contest, food from various vendors and a raffle -- not to mention some very cool custom bikes from all over the state.
The event is scheduled for Sunday, July 17th, from 10AM-3PM.
The event is open to the public and since the event is on a Sunday, most of the parking around the park is free.

 the question does arise however, what does one have to do to win best fixie (god i hate that word)? again, support the local locals.


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