Wednesday, June 8, 2011

plus 10: leader 735 is back

(via emi)
was poking around on emi's blog and this popped up very recently. following up the 725 facelift is the return of the infamous 735. if you dont remember what the 735 was all about- it was the one with that had the removable dropout or it had that pointy nose. this time out, it has neither, but what it does have is dashing good looks over the 725. did i expect leader to do this? not at all. see emi in jakarta this saturday!



Tinj said...

Smooth welds make a world of difference; frame is DOPE

bhsk said...

you damn right the welds make a difference. and i'm glad they didn't tack on a weird nose piece or go back to that removable dropout nonsense. should be a nice machine.