Monday, June 13, 2011

obsession for sale: garrett's hand painted vigorelli

(via mash)
i owe alot to this exact bike. to say i'm obsessed over this bike is an understatement. i am beyond obsessed- it's in my freakin logo. in any case, the frame is up for sale:

"This is the bike Garrett built for the 2009 Tour of California trip. It is a hand painted Cinelli Vigorelli, Size Small/50cm, with custom performance vinyl decals. The set is used, but in near new shape. It includes all components pictured here. 2009 Cinelli Vigorelli frame, Wolf TT carbon fork, Columbus Headset, Easton EC90 seatpost, Specialized SL saddle, Oval concepts carbon TT bars, Oval 100 stem, and lever,and Zero G Ti front brake caliper.

Garrett, and Rainier are headed to ride a few stages of the Tour de France, and you can help him get there. Finish the build, and have your own Fixed/SS TT trainer, or hang it up. He is happy it will get a second life outside of his bike room!

if youre seriously interested, check it out.

i would if i could, but alas, i can not. =\


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