Friday, June 17, 2011

NBD for torey, massan

(via massan)
massan has been such an influence to all of us and the man definitely contributed alot to the fixed world. recently he got hooked up with low bikes, a company that makes these BESTIAL pursuit frames in san francisco.
"Many thanks to my friend Andrew Low of Low bicycles for giving me this frame to test. Im about to tear this thing up.
PS: This is the 1st bike i”ve ever had that was hand made in my home town. Thats my favorite part.

on the other end of the spectrum:

(via bb17)
torey's been riding this beast- knowing him, it's getting some serious abuse. like massan, torey has contributed alot to fixed freestyle and conservation of 700c/29". not only that, he's one of my favorite riders out there. the BB17 29" is looking mighty fine.

2 different bikes, 2 different dudes, 2 badass builds.


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