Tuesday, June 28, 2011

grabbing the facemask: fixcraft x bern watts

(via fixcraft)
here at BHSK we embrace all kinds of stuff in fixed gear- one of which is polo. i can never play polo because i'm prone to injury when it comes to sports involving semi-hard to hard spherical utensils (not balls, because i have those-ZZINGG!). bern helmets are doing the impossible by making helmets look actually wearable. fixcraft is badass for making some quality polo stuff. when posed with the dilemma of people smashing their teeth in, people started using hockey helmets instead of their comfy bern watts helmets. so ta da, fixcraft came up with this which gives the best of both worlds without compromising field of vision, safety, and comfort. have a bern watts already? well you can get the facemask kit!


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