Tuesday, June 7, 2011

and what a commute it is: dylan's commute

Headed back. from Drop Anchors on Vimeo.
i will never stop liking videos of just riding. dylan of mash sf commutes from mill valley to sf and yes, he has to go over the golden gate to get there. first off- damn impressive. being from the bay area i know that mill valley from where the mashsf store is located is a 1) challenging commute, and 2) kinda far-ish. pretty sure it wasn't done on fixed but i can still appreciate cycling in SF in general... i mean riding to the sun setting in the city?  (THE CITY, yeah i done said it and your city sucks hahaha) shit, i'd ride up hills and over long distances for that any day.



Chris Berry said...

Pretty cool little vid...but I think it maybe was done on a fixed...I'm just going by on how he would take turns, having to pedal through turns would explain why he took turns so wide, but that's just my guess.

bhsk said...

well if he did it fixed, goddamn.... more power to him then!